Walmart suggests consumers the way to choose and buy the appropriate food for their health. People usually go to a grocery store without knowing the right foods fit for their body. The reason behind this is most people don’t know what kind nutrients their body need.
A cardio-customised shopping cart around a grocery store as part of their shopping experience, and observing changes in their health and fitness-related behavior.


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First, Enter your height and weight, and pull out the WalCart.
And then, they start shopping with the WalCart.

Now WalCart analyses internal resistance of a human body through a cart handle, which will be used for the body composition analysis.After that, it shows the results of their body composition analysis. WalCart recommends the foods that their body needs based on the results of body composition analysis. If you select what you want out of the recommended food options, WalCart guides you to the section where the food is.