My Forte

Let's talk about my specialty. Since I studied Fine Art from an early age, I believe drawing is my second language. I feel comfortable to depict idea and manifest it into reality.  I also found this ability comes in handy when I need to capture the essence of user's behaviour, thought and emotion on each moment.

1. Never off

Sending out work tasks after office hours became a serious social problem in Korea. According to a study from Statistics Korea in 2017, 80% of office workers in Seoul get work task messages on daily basis. This storyboard used metaphor of text work instructions as alarm that you can never turn off.

2. Push push

PUSH PUSH is an educational kiosk installed at school cafeteria to promote literacy for use of medicine.  Students would get information about Opioid and its substitutes just by pushing pressure sensitive button of the kiosk. Then they can get information with QR code for more details. I translated this idea into Illustration and stop motion.

3. Fatta

The campaign kicks off with a satirical short film featuring Consent Cat. Fatta is an organisation and a new law which means “get it” in Swedish. The purpose of this campaign was to spread the pillar of Fatta's mentality. Everything else but a yes, when it comes to sex, is a no.