Nuvoair is a digital lung health assistant providing ongoing affordable care with its spirometer and apps. chronic condition needs an enduring solution. Nuvoair is also a communication tool to connect professionals, home care users and clinical trial teams.
Our challenge was to revamp the brand to highlight its fresh identity and accommodate the new brand architecture.


Brand communication strategy, Copy writing, Art direction

The problem

NuvoAir was born out of Pond healthcare innovation, a design agency, as a focused venture on respiratory health for a bigger cause, “To give all people the right to breathe”. We are still relatively young and expanding rapidly. Now that we built three different softwares and improved new device in such a short time, we have to have a core understanding of our brand & vision to expand further without losing who we are.

Design sprint with clients

We made use of our second meeting with clients. It was not only to sign off our work so far with clients but also to develop an idea that can fit in their expectations. We conducted condensed version of Google venture sprint with client.
Given the fact this company is a relatively new, we boiled down the original GV sprint to rapid version. This consists of 4 exercises.
- 5 years road map :  Bird view on the lifetime of Nuvoair
- What, how, why : What does Nuvoair do? How do you do it?
- Top 3 values& audiences : decision-making principles and whose opinion do you care about?
- Personality slider: Define the attitude and style of your brand

Purpose brand platform
Mission/ vision / communication concept

Mission - We cultivate a deep knowledge of individual needs through insight driven, accessible & innovative respiratory health solutions.
Vision - We envision a world where all people have the opportunity to manage and achieve better respiratory health over time.
Concept - Data driven insights leading to better understanding & management of respiratory health.

Bridge the gap

Brand manifesto to cater to each target audiences or user conditions.

Data driven insights leading to better understanding & management of respiratory health.
Professional - The bridge to easier medical decisions
Research - The bridge to larger data
Personal - The bridge to better adherence

Visual audit

How can we align the visual communication with the new strategy?

We cut down the website to most important value to clarify our message. We changed the the existing website structure which was filled with product application pictures having scientific and generic feeling to natural, humane and friendly pictures with guidance. We continued this concept to our sample advertising application on billboard advertising around hospital areas.

Final thoughts

We did not focus on beautiful design. Our one focal point was to give the brand stronger voice. That's why we cut down to only important things.
The why should reflect the core reason your company exists, and it won’t change much over time. They may pivot the business, launch new products, and enter new markets, but their "why" should remain the same. It was also great opportunity for both of us and clients to developed the idea together. We got a feedback from CEO and board members that we remind them why they started this company. Knowing why they are in business motivated us as well.